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Effective SEO Gets the Phone Ringing Again & Gets Those Customers Coming In

Getting found locally in a specific city or nationally or internationally helps to enhance your reputation and to grow your business.

Customers are searching right now for someone like you to work with or for a company that can help them solve a problem. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is as necessary now as the Yellow Pages directory was in the previous century. Practically everyone searches in Google to find a solution to their problem. In fact, 70% of people search from their phones and those people are ready to make a purchase right away or within the hour. Are you findable on a phone? Is your website Responsive to mobile/tablet/iPad devices? Give me a call, if not. We also do Google Adword Campaigns, for a powerful one-two punch in your marketing. 

Trust is the currency that grows business in the 21st century. SEO helps build that trust between you and your future customers because if they can find you in Google, that's half the battle. Call us or fill out our contact form so you can get your FREE Online Marketing Analysis or to get started right away: 970-302-6994.

What IS an effective Social Media Manager like?

After all: "You don't know, what you don't know." If YOU are struggling to do your own social media marketing effectively, then how can you know how to properly hire the right person to do it for you? If this is your current situation, I've got a solution for you: call us so my team and I can help you: 970-302-6994 or fill out our Online Marketing Contact Form.

Hiring the right person to manage your social media makes YOU succeed.

Consumers are more careful with how they spend their money in this post-recession era. We do lots of research before deciding to spend money with a company. The bigger the purchase, the more time we spend doing our homework - 45 days out for large purchases. That's why it's imperative that you show you're trustworthy and that you know what you're doing. Then your revenue begins to get impacted in a positive way and usually increases. Though that may sound simple, it's actually complex to pull off well. Though there are many touch points, other than social media (such as finding you in Google via good SEO), that consumers come across during their research, you can achieve so much more with the right person managing your social media and nurturing your tribe of fans, friends, followers and brand evangelists.

An outstanding social media manager possesses a unique set of skills:

  • Able to use digital media to tell stories that leave a desired emotion impressed upon your fans.

  • Able to convey these stories via photos, short videos, testimonials, blog posts and other content, such as infographics.

  • Able to recognize when the fans are sharing your brand's story and step out of the way or subtly nurture that sharing.

  • Has excellent customer service skills.

  • Knows when to apply appropriate social media etiquette.

  • Makes your brand nurture its fans, rather than stalk them or broadcast "buy my stuff" types of content.

  • Knows how to handle complaints and move them off the public forum and into email and phone calls.

  • Has deep knowledge of how to analyze data that measures her/his efforts and be able to report it to you in an understandable manner (and show you the metrics).

  • Is very organized.

  • Uses tools and systems to save time; be consistent and be efficient. (This saves time, money and increases your business growth).

  • Thinks of innovative ideas and successfully implements them to achieve goals.

  • Keeps current with the latest news and updates in the ever-growing world of digital media.

  • Has an innate talent for capturing moments that add up to a story.

  • College degree in journalism or mass communications is good but if your candidate possesses all the other traits listed here AND has achieved outstanding results for many people, why let that be a deal-breaker if s/he didn't get a degree?

  • Is in love with your brand already and a huge fan.

Attract Your Tribe With Your Vibe

Your branding, content, social media and other forms of marketing vibrate your essence and attract your tribe with your vibe.

After your tribe has found you, your goal is to nurture your tribe so they can unconditionally love you.

For them to love you, you have to love your tribe first. If you pick the wrong person to manage your social media (I like to call this "nurturing the tribe"), you could end up doing harm to your brand.

Your ultimate goal is to make it easy for people to fall in love with your brand. This ultimately builds revenue.

Your Social Media Manager really must possess a unique set of skills to achieve the business-growth goal.  

My Team and I Manage Your Social Media For You ~ or ~ train your staff how to manage your social media in-house. Fill out this form or call me now to get started: 970-302-6994