The Detailed Process of Web Design Explained in Simple Terms

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Infographic depicting our web design process

The process of designing and developing an effective website is more detailed than most people realize. Did you know that there is psychology, marketing, science and math involved in Web Design and Development?

A comparable project would be the construction of a commercial building - except that your "building" (your website) has to be accessible in
four different Internet browsers and on a variety of different devices (smartphone/iPhone/Droid; iPad; tablet; laptop; desktop computer). There are "blueprints" (wireframes); "electrical wiring" (programming) and everything has to be logical to the end users: your website visitors -- who all navigate websites in their own unique ways (hint: many are visual navigators).

Your website also has to be Search Engine Optimized (SEO) so that when Google and Bing come to "crawl" it, your site will be found within the top 10 search results. SEO is almost like rocket science: many, many things have to be in place in order for lift-off to occur. When deciding who your SEO expert will be, you'll want to request to see actual results. Certainly, you should be able to find that SEO expert within the top 10 search results in Google for the keywords that describe their services - especially for within the city they do business in. Go ahead: search for Greeley SEO expert and you'll see me, Lori Gama, in the top search results.  Search for Greeley Social Media Marketing and Greeley Web Design you'll see me numerous times in the top results. I have hundreds of clients I've helped over the years to achieve results for them, too. Be sure you choose an SEO expert who walks her or his talk.

A well-designed website has to get a human being to do a specific action. A good website has strategic "directions" and Calls-To-Action (CTAs) for your website visitors to follow, without having to figure out what you mean. If they have to stop and figure out what a link leads them to, they will leave your website.

In fact, you have 2.7 seconds to engage them. That's less than three seconds to keep them exploring your site. If they land in your website and don't feel that it's credible, up-to-date or trustworthy, then that's how they'll feel about your company.

For your company,
a Call-To-Action (CTA) could be to get the website visitor to fill out your contact form or call you; or subscribe to your newsletter. This action converts the website visitor into a lead, which can eventually mean more revenue for you and a problem solved for the lead.

As you can see,
there's a LOT of strategy and planning that goes into a good website and that's exactly what I and my team offer, plus, 19 years of experience doing this, and over 1,000 endorsements in my LinkedIn profile from business professionals familiar with my work. Review your SEO and Web Design agencies' LinkedIn Profiles, too.  Review the CEO profiles of their companies. 

No matter who you choose, be prepared to thoughtfully answer preliminary questions, in order for your Web Design Agency to give you an accurate quote for your project.

Some agencies take time to make sure you are both a good fit. Sometimes it just comes down to personalities or work habits when it comes to working together.  

Check the Level of Expertise and Depth of Experience of the Web Design and Online Marketing Agency You're Considering to Work With

By reading the blog posts written by the company's CEO or Marketing Director or Creative Director (or all of these), you'll be able to easily gauge the level of expertise and the depth of experience behind the team or agency's leader.

Though you're not really constructing a commercial building, the website that you ARE constructing becomes synonymous with the face of your company. It's up to you to choose the right Web Design Agency and allow them to do the work you hired them to do. 

Lori Gama

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