Taking Applications For Social Media Assistant Manager

Tuesday November 11, 2014 0 comments

Social Media Manager

Business is growing in Colorado. We're planning for 2015 and we're growing our team of social media managers who love people; know how to research and write excellent content and instinctively know how to nurture a variety of tribes, from motorcycle riders to women entrepreneurs to teachers, speakers, authors, consumers and travelers. You must have those skills and the willingness to learn more, as you will personally be trained by Social Media Expert Lori Gama. The ideal person has at least three years' experience in achieving eye-popping results as outlined in this blog post: A Checklist for Hiring the Best Social Media Manager.

Our ideal Social Media Manager will also possess the following qualifications:

  • Is very organized and rarely late.

  • Is very responsible and takes ownership of her or his work.

  • Knows how to develop personas.

  • Knows how to develop brand VOICE that engages with the brand's tribe/communityIs very organized.

  • Communicates well and in a timely manner.

  • Able to use digital media to tell stories that leave a desired emotion impressed upon your fans.

  • Able to convey these stories via photos, short videos, testimonials, blog posts and other content, such as infographics.

  • Able to recognize when the fans are sharing the brand's story and step out of the way or subtly nurture that sharing.

  • Has excellent customer service skills.

  • Knows when to apply appropriate social media etiquette.

  • Makes your brand nurture its fans, rather than stalk them or broadcast "buy my stuff" types of content.

  • Knows how to handle complaints and move them off the public forum and into email and phone calls.

  • Has deep knowledge of how to analyze data that measures our efforts and is able to report to our client in an understandable manner (and show the metrics).

  • Uses tools and systems to save time; be consistent and be efficient. 

  • Thinks of innovative ideas and successfully implements them to achieve goals.

  • Keeps current with the latest news and updates in the ever-growing world of digital media, as well as other topics.

  • Has an innate talent for capturing moments that add up to a story.

  • College degree in journalism or mass communications is excellent but if you possess all the other traits listed here AND have achieved outstanding results, call Lori Gama.

  • Is a fan of social media and has favorite brands you engage with.

If you've got those qualities, skills and talents, and you've read the blog post indicated above, call Lori Gama: 970-378-7822.