Lori Gama Gets Results

Here are a few examples of clients I have achieved great results for. If you're thinking of hiring me to help you get similar outstanding results, I'll be happy to provide my references so you can talk to these nice folks:

Brand: Achieved Facebook Reach of 500,000+ people for a Colorado 4-Day Motorcycle Rally - all organic, no advertising.

Brand: A Popular Motorcycle Dealership: Increased Facebook Engagement from 2% to 15% and as high as 95% during peak times; and increased number of fans from 9,000+ to 12,000 in four months during cold, harsh Colorado winter.

Brand: Unknown Reality TV Show Contestant: Increased Facebook Engagement from zero to 98% and number of fans from zero to 500 in six days. Daily engagement averages 80% - 95% and number of fans is almost 1,000 in 4 weeks WITHOUT any advertising.

Brand: An Event Venue: Increased ROI by 3,000% within six weeks. Brand continues to grow in fans and engagement after its owner received my training.

Brand: Orthodontists: Trained their team to do social media marketing in-office. Once they consistently applied my training, they increased engagement by 83%  and increased number of Facebook fans by 400% within eight weeks.

Brand: Brand New/Unknown Health Community for People Of Color: Created content without a website or blog and increased social media engagement from zero to an average of 15%. VERY challenging to do when a brand has no website or blog.

Brand: Earth Science Non-Profit Organization: mission was to find, connect and grow with a world-wide bi-lingual Hispanic/Latina(o) online community in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Results: grew from zero to 9,000+ fans and followers in six months WITHOUT any advertising. Within 12 months, this client's Facebook community was highly engaged (80% of fans engaging on a daily basis) and number of fans was at 12,000+ and doubled to 24,000+ within three more months with advertising.

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