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Work with a Social Media Expert Who Actually Cares About Her Tribes

I invite you to check out my Digital Footprint: Google me. Check out my Online Reputation, then call me to get a lengthy list of references you can contact.

Before you decide on a Social Media Marketing Agency, be sure you thoroughly do your research.

With so much data available you can easily measure the influence and credibility of a company.

Check its Online Reputation. There should be at least 95% or more positive search results about the company and/or the CEO.

Here's what you should find out before you hire the best social media manager:

  • Is the Social Media Marketing Agency's CEO Social?

  • If not, is the agency itself consistently Lori Gama Loves Twitter; Facebook; LinkedIn; GooglePlus; Pinterest; YouTube; and Instagram? Yes: ALL of these social media - not just one or two.

  • Is the Social Media Marketing Agency blogging consistently with truly helpful content?

  • Find out the Klout score of the Social Media Marketing Agency's CEO. It should be at least in the upper 60's or else s/he is NOT considered Influential. (A Klout score in upper 60's or higher measures the quality and consistency of engagement; and the number of followers and fans that person has.)

  • How long has the Social Media Agency been in business? If it's 5 - 7 years and it's been delivering results for its clients for that long then put that agency on your list of candidates to consider.

  • The number of fans, friends and followers that a Social Media Agency or its CEO has can be relatively small as long as the level of engagement is a good ratio or percentage of its tribe or community. This is when the Klout score can come in handy as a quick way to gauge the agency or CEO. But do check them out in all social media.

There are many other details to check but the list above is a good starting point.

Social Media Management Pricing





Rock & Roll!

 Audit  ✔  ✔
 Strategy  ✔  ✔
 Editorial Calendar  ✔  ✔  ✔
 Content Strategy    ✔  ✔  ✔

Content Written and Graphics

Created for Posts, Status Updates & Tweets

 ✔  ✔  ✔
 Scheduled Posts  7 per week  21 per week   35+ per week
 Facebook  ✔ ✔   ✔
 Twitter   -  ✔   ✔
 LinkedIn  -
 Pinterest  -  ✔  ✔
 Street Team  -  1 event per month   2-3 events per month
 Video   -  -  60-90 seconds TBD
FEE  $900 - $1,900  $1,900 - $2,900  $2,900 - $7,000

Set-up fee is 1/3 monthly fee.

I'll help you get ready to take the first steps toward attracting, growing and leading your own community of followers who will connect with you; trust you and be more likely to do business with you and/or refer you to their friends because a trustworthy company is what you need."Trust" is the new marketing.

Your Online Reputation must be a multi-faceted positive picture of YOU.

People can check out your Online Reputation by reviewing your Social Media profiles in Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other places on the Web. They'll also check your Web site, your blog and they'll "Google" your name to see what information shows up. I call this process "downloading" Social Media. Doing the "down lo" on you means that those potential customers quickly "know" or have a perception of your character by the digital footprint you're leaving around the Internet.

Social Media Marketing Training for Companies

If you're puzzled about how to make the transition from "old school" marketing/advertising/public relations into Social Media marketing, please call me so we can schedule a half-day, full-day or several days to train your team. You have to decide whether or not to blog; Tweet; grow and nurture a community in Facebook; broadcast yourself in YouTube or do something else. I can educate you and guide you on the best choices for your company. I can help your company's marketing director, marketing team, and any other staff, learn how to use Social Media Marketing to:

 »Learn what exactly social media marketing is and why it's critical to your future success.

 »Content Strategy is one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle of your marketing. Getting professional advice on this will help you succeed.

 »Nurture communities of people who can become your raving fans.

 »How to grow your revenue by growing your network and build momentum with strategic content.

»Improve your Online Reputation before engaging in Social Media marketing.

 »Engage in conversation the right way.

 »Monitor your brand and respond quickly to positive and negative comments.

»Integrate Customer Service into your social media, as more consumers are expecting brands to do this.

 »Measure your Social Media marketing campaigns for continual improvement and effectiveness.

I can come to train your staff for a half day; a full day or more and do a follow-up visit to ensure processes are being followed the right way. Please call me: 970-378-7822 or email me.

Social Media Marketing Workshops

I enjoy teaching strategic social media workshops to groups so they can quickly grasp how important social media marketing is and how to do this the correct way instead of risking their reputations with haphazard attempts. Contact me to discuss your custom-designed workshop or presentation: (970) 378-7822. 

Are You a Do-It-Yourself Kind of Person?

You can write your own Marketing Plan but unless you're the owner of a Marketing Agency, you'll have difficulties actually implementing the components. That's when my team and I can deploy for you.

We can create these things for you:

  • Identity Collateral or Marketing materials (logo, web design, blog design, website development/programming, social media profile design, paper brochure).

  • Online Marketing Strategy and Plans, including Social Media Marketing.

  • Video Production so you have a professionally produced video telling the story of your brand. Supplement with your own in-house videos.

  • Promotions: Online Campaigns; Pay-Per-Click Google Ad Campaigns; Social Media Campaigns. 

  • Street Team: My rockin' street team and I attend promote your event beforehand to get more people to come; cover the event itself in our own special, effective way; and promote afterward. This creates success for this year's event and grows your revenue and success for NEXT year's event.

  • Email Marketing to grow your list of fans who are hungry for your content. This keeps your pipeline filled with hot leads and another nurtured tribe who loves your brand.

  • Content Marketing Strategy and actual content written by one of our fabulous copywriters.

  • Conversion Strategy (exactly how will you convert leads into paying customers or signed client contracts without this?).

  • Retention Strategy: a nurturing plan so your customers stay with you and become a source for more customers.

 Take action now: call me or email me so we can get started.

Or if you're not quite ready to get started on your Online Marketing Plan, you might want to do this simple and fun step first.


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