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By: Lori Gama Monday April 20, 2015 0 comments

Most people who are busy running their companies probably haven't heard about Google's so-called "Mobilegedden": an algorithm that Google is implementing April 21st that will result in showing ONLY mobile-friendly websites in its mobile search. 

What does this mean?
It means that if you don't have a mobile-friendly website, your company won't show up in mobile searches done by keyword search or searched with the URL/domain name. Period.

Why is Google doing this?
Google simply wants to show valuable search results when you search for information. Google does NOT classify non-mobile-friendly sites as being valuable because they are difficult to use on a mobile device. 

How do you know if your website is mobile-friendly or not?

Use this Google Mobile-Friendly Test to test your website now.

If your website is not mobile-friendly, contact me or call me (970-378-7822) so we can turn your website into a mobile-friendly website and also improve its SEO if you need help with Search Engine Optimization.

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