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It's fun. It's enlightening. I guarantee you'll learn something about yourself and who you serve when you're all done creating your own mind-map.

By the way, you can do this exercise any time you want to gain clarity about something. It doesn't have to be as structured as what I've laid out for you, below. Just do a mind-dump by getting your thoughts out of your head and onto paper. It really helps you become a better leader in your company. If it feels better to journal about a topic, then journal. Whatever feels good to you is what matters.

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"Everyone is my client!"

Have you ever said that?

Do YOU believe that "everyone" is your client? Even the jerks? 

After 20  years of running my own business, I am still surprised at how many business owners I meet, who have been in business for several years themselves, and think that "everyone" is their client. Or they have NO IDEA who their ideal clients are.

For many years I didn't really know who my ideal clients were either. And in the beginning, I, too, thought that "everyone" was my client. Boy, was I wrong.

Sometimes I ended up working with the wrong people. We just didn't click. Nothing was "wrong" with them or me: we just didn't belong to the same tribe: our values were different; the way we approach people was different and many other details that make a relationship thrive or barely survive.

It's sort of like dating: when you date someone, you know if it feels right or wrong. The same kind of feeling is there when you work with your clients. You're either laughing a lot together, making progress quickly and feeling good together - like friends. Or, if you're with the wrong client, much like the wrong person to date, you feel unhappy, stressed out and maybe, if you're a heart-centered expert, you might even feel abused or bullied because you're with the wrong client. Does this sound familiar?

Nobody talks about it but it does happen.

But it doesn't have to happen anymore to you. With my Mind-Map Your Way to Your Ideal Client tool, you'll get totally clear on who you want to work with. If the "jerk" comes along, you'll know it. And you'll confidently say "no, thanks." And when your ideal client appears, you'll immediately recognize her or him and most likely end up working together, in collaboration. It's a win-win: your client wins by working with YOU, the expert, and you win by having fun clients to work with, more of them and steady and/or explosive income.

Work Less Hours, Spend More Time With Your Family and Make More Money 

When you work with clients you love, you work less hours than if you work with clients who are not a good fit for you. Think about when this happened with you. You ended up working many more hours in an effort to please that demanding client whom you didn't know how to draw boundaries with. I'll show you how to set up your client relationship so you both end up happy.

No More Feast or Famine Income

At one point in time, my own income was up and down for a couple of reasons: one reason was that I kept working with everyone who came my way. I didn't turn down anyone. Instead of working only with my tribe, there were a few people who made my inner voice say "hmmm.... this doesn't feel right," but my mouth said "Sure! Let's do this!" To make a long story short: I didn't have fun. And I didn't increase my income. In fact, it sapped my income and my energy.

The other reason my income was up and down was because I didn't have 12-month contracts with my favorite clients. There was no commitment to work together to make steady and explosive progress. Committment gets a LOT done. Just like all relationships, both parties invest time and want to achieve the same goals. So, with a 12-month committment (a contract), I finally got rid of Feast or Famine income. Building momentum was easier to achieve once my cash flow became consistent. After that, putting more and more systems in place helped me to succeed and break through to the next level of income. And these systems continue to help me stay organized and consistent today. I'll show you how you can recognize when you need a system in place and how to get it locked in.

Does that sound like something YOU need in your life right now, in order to finally make significant progress and more money?

If so, then, I've got good news for you: I created a fun, free and easy tool for you to figure out who your ideal client is:

Mind-Map Your Way to Your Ideal Client

Daydream about who your EXCEPTIONAL client would be.

Do a mind-map: write down stuff from your brain to paper, getting it all out, making it tangible and organized. 

In my mind-map tool, you'll answer a few questions and figure out what your client needs most from you. After you know this and the answer to other questions, you'll easily know who to attract, where to find her, what to say to her when you first meet her and many other helpful things that will attract your ideal clients.

Notice that I always say "Attract" and not "Find." A magnet attracts metal objects, right? The magnet has a magnetic field around it. Imagine yourself as a magnet. Your magnetic field is made up of what you do, who you are, how you do things. This magnetic field of yours will attract certain people or repel them. 

When I did my first Mind-Map to discover my favorite type of client, it occurred to me that I could work with this person every week, every month or sell my programs to a group of them - my tribe, when I simply got clear on who my tribe was.

That's what YOU need to figure out right now so you can begin to get steady or explosive income for you and your family.

Here's How I Begin a Mind-Map That Led Me to My Ideal Clients and Increased My Income By 350%

I drew a circle in the center of a blank piece of paper and decided to fill the circle with words that described characteristics of my ideal client.

As I stared at the circle in the middle of my blank piece of paper, I relaxed and allowed my mind to wander and to fantasize about my perfect client. The astonishing adjectives and sentences began to flow immediately. I began to fill the circle with these words that described who I wanted to work with.  

The results of this one step were very enlightening to me - and this was only the first step in the Mind-Map. I had seven more steps to do.

I wrote down words like:


"focused yet has time to sincerely listen"

"trusts me to do my beautiful work for her or him"


"good communication skills"


"experienced" (not a total newbie - been in business for three years or more)





"big dreamer"



"family man"

"caring mother" and other sweet terms. 

"wants to achieve 6-figure income or move from a 6-figure income into a 7-figure income within 12 months or less"

 I felt delightful and sparkly as I read these words describing my favorite people to work with.

And yes, I included a dollar amount of their yearly net income after their bills were paid. This was the amount from which they would draw their budget to, gladly and willingly, pay me to do the Online Marketing work for them and with them that would result in empowering them with 21st century skills, tools, road-maps and strategies to transition them into the next level of their own business and increase their profits.

Guess what? You can do this right now for yourself. Download your own blank template Mind-Map by filling in your name and email address in this form. Get it now.

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Here's what I personally discovered when I did the Mind-Mapping excercise: I created a character description of my ideal client

I know that my ideal client is a conscious business owner who's heart-centered and passionate about empowering people. You know what I discovered after writing that statement? I discovered that my ideal client is ME. That is what I believe. That is who I want to work with and that is what I want to do for my own clients: empower them.

She or he is a rock star at what they do - a true expert - and wants to get her/his message out to the world via a professional lead-capture/list-building website; to learn how to blog to establish their expertise; to learn how to do social networking to nurture and grow a tribe of fans, friends and followers and how to serve that tribe with valuable, helpful content instead of gimmicks. One more thing my ideal clients/my tribe wants to know how to do is how to build a list of hungry fans who eat up every expert and wise word you have to share, regarding your subject matter. They are hungry for your content - so hungry that they willingly give you their email address so you can email them once a week with YOUR wisdom. That's way more valuable than Google visibility. Though Google search results are good to have, what happens if you accidentally break one of Google's rules? Your site disappears!

You have much more control with your list of 100, 500, 1,000 or more RAVING FANS who will buy at least $100 dollars worth of your products and services.

Your Income Goal Could Look Like This:
1,000 x $100 = $100,000

It's fun to figure out how many people you need who will purchase the magic number of products from you or pay your fee every month. How would your life be impacted when you have 30 people purchase $8,000 worth of services from you in the next 12 months? Here's what that looks like in your bank account:

30 x $8,000 = $230,000

Or Maybe Your Ideal Income Goal is This:
1,000 x $5,000 = $5,000,000

Ready to move forward toward your magic number goal?

Why You Should Do Your Own Mind-Map to Get Clear On Who Your Ideal Client Is

Trusting that the project will work out fine and that you'll end up with a happy client who'll refer others like herself to work with you, just doesn't happen by accident, my dear. You, the business owner, have to make sure it happens. And this Ideal Client Mind-Map is the first step because YOU get CLEAR.

What happens when you get clear?

You attract your ideal clients.  By narrowing your focus to serve a particular tribe or group of people, you actually increase your profit and might even need to start a waiting list, when you lay out all the mojo correctly - from your logo font to your professional photo that captures your personality to the colors of your website and its first (hopefully) compelling headline (this is called branding), you will actually increase your ideal clients instead of decreasing, simply by looking professional online.

What happens when you look at a SMALL thing through the lens of a magnifying glass?

It gets BIGGER

Think about that.

The small thing gets bigger.

The narrow focus on a niche group; a tribe; a community of like-minded people actually GROWS your business.

So are you ready to try this Mind-Map thing? It's fun. It's enlightening. I guarantee you'll learn something about yourself and who you serve when you're all done creating your own mind-map. By the way, you can do this exercise any time you want to gain clarity about something.

Download your own blank template Mind-Map by filling in your name and email address in this form. Get it now.

Download Mind-Map

Can you do me a favor, please? Would you let me know what you think of this? Tell me however you feel comfortable: send me an email, call me, Tweet me. Facebook me. Heck, send me a postcard. I'd love to hear from you!


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