Google+ Emerges As Third Largest Social Network Site

By: Lori Gama Tuesday September 27, 2011 0 comments Tags: google, Google Plus, social marketing, Social Networking, Social Web

In a day after it went public, Google+, Google's Social Network, emerged as the world's third largest Social Networking site, according to Hitwise. Google+ saw a dramatic growth of 1269% in one week after it came out of field testing (comparing the week ending September 17th to the week of September 24, 2011).

Google+ received 15 million U.S. visitors last week, after it opened up to the public.

Google purposely kept Google+ in "Field Testing," open to people by invitation only, for its first three months. A large majority of these people were the early adopters of technology and the Social Web. Early adopters typically give more feedback about products, thus giving the producers opportunities to improve the product before it makes its public debut. Google smartly chose this strategy and it paid off, not only in creating buzz and demand about Google+, but in being able to improve its features and add improvements suggested by field testers, many of whom are technology people, designers and social web experts.

Read the entire article by Hitwise here: Google+ Opens the Floodgates to All, Market Share Rockets.

Are you part of Google+ yet? I was one of the field testers and have found Google+ to be comfortable because I already know many of the people I have in my Circles and more global than any other social network I'm a member of, including Twitter and Facebook, and the professional business network, LinkedIn. Please share your thoughts about all this in the comments section below.
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